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Hot To Travel In 2018
If you’ve seen our social media, you know we love travel! The VAYA team has caught the travel bug and has been scoping out hot spots for our next adventures. We’ve done our research and have put together a list of 2018 dream destinations. Check it out and let us know your 2018 travel goals.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Culture, excitement, and incredible food set the stage for our first selection. Always a great place to visit, Buenos Aires is a destination that offers it all. This year, however, you can also check out a special presentation of Art Basal. Usually only available in Switzerland, Miami, or Hong Kong, this special exhibition and workshop opportunity is in Buenos Aires as the first partner in the Art Basal Cities initiative. Buenos Aires will also host the Youth Olympic Games and the G20 Summit, so there’s plenty happening here in 2018.

Valletta, Malta
The largest island of the Maltese archipelago, a trip to Malta will be full of incredible seafood and diving adventures. The crystal blue Mediterranean Sea is calm and according to VisitMalta.com is the perfect spot for visibility with a low risk of dangerous sea life encounters. Also check out the In Guardia Parade which re-enacts the inspection of the garrison.

PyeongChang, South Korea
Now that the Olympics are over, CNN Travel recommends a visit to PyeongChang! Take advantage of the new infrastructure and enjoy a more connected and updated city. Refreshed hotels and new train are just a few of the perks of visiting this post-Olympic area. Make sure to go in the winter if you want to experience the now famous winter slopes. Check out the Olympic Village area and enjoy a traditional jjimjilbang, which is a spa/sauna to relax and revitalize sore muscles. Don’t forget to enjoy some local cuisine such as fresh snow crab and kimchi.

Livingstone, Zambia
Are you ready for a real nature adventure? Zambia is the hot new safari spot and is home to Victoria Falls and 20 national parks. Seeing wildlife is easy here with a variety of spaces and opportunities to spot and observe wildlife. The Zambia Tourism reviews several suggestions, but we’re most excited about rafting and then sitting by the riverbank watching wild elephants. Plus, there’s a resort that overlooks a watering hole — sign us up!

New Orleans, Louisiana

While this location isn’t out-of-the-country, it’s still a hot spot at the top of our list. Food, music, and history are abundant in New Orleans which turns 300 years old this year! Whether you want to go for the revelry of the nightlife in the French Quarter or are interested in historic tours and riverboat rides, there’s something for everyone in New Orleans. We’re ready to indulge in the amazing food including creole classics and of course the city’s famous beignets!