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Weight lifting doesn’t have to just be for bulking up! Lifting weights in addition to regular aerobic exercise can help you stay lean and contribute to your overall health and fitness. Even if weight loss is your goal, incorporating strength training will have a real impact on your results! Here are just a few ways that strength training can lift your overall wellness!

  1. Burn Calories – That’s right! Lifting weights can help you burn calories. According to the Mayo Clinic, “muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue”, so having more muscle can help you continue to burn calories throughout your day and even help you lose weight.
  2. Increase Bone Density – We know it seems hard to believe, but lifting weights can increase your bone density and help prevent breaks or even future development of osteoporosis. An article on prevention.com notes that “exercise stimulates bone formation, because bone put under moderate stress responds by building density.” Taking care of your bones while you’re young will ensure that you can keep an active lifestyle in the future!
  3. Heart Health – When you think of heart health, the most common exercise that comes to mind is cardio. However, lifting weights can help lower blood pressure, and according to the American Heart Association, a comprehensive strength-training routine will not only help with bone, muscle, and connective tissue strength, but can provide a better quality of life, help maintain a healthy weight, and will contribute to overall heart health.
  4. Be Happier – It’s true! Exercise, including strength training, can contribute to your happiness. When you’re fit, you feel better, look better, sleep better and all of those things can help you feel happier. Plus, exercise releases endorphins, which can also contribute to a better mood.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to lifting! Plus, you don’t have to make it to the gym for a strength training routine. You can use regular household items, or even your own body weight to work those muscles.

Remember, you know your body best! If you have chronic pain, injuries, or other health concerns, please consult with your physician or a certified instructor before attempting any new or more intense workouts.