Frequently Asked Questions About VAYA®

What's with the name?

It’s hip and we dig it! We spent months thinking about it with some of the best creative minds in the advertising world.

If you’re like most people, you’ll probably just call it VAYA® (pronounced Vy-Uh).

Our inspiration for the name has many meanings. But to us VAYA is a way of life, and we really just created it to help remind people to stay active and to stay hydrated.

What does "What's Your VAYA®" mean?

“What’s Your VAYA®”, means “what are you into?” Is it active, and if so what are you using to hydrate? We Are VAYA®, tells the world that we are a new way to hydrate. Now, we are asking you, “What do you like to do to stay active?”

Is VAYA® a sports drink?

Uh NO. We are anything but a sports drink. We are Lifestyle Electrolyte Hydration brought to you in a ready to drink stick pack powder. Sure we can go on and on with the fancy BIG words, but really, VAYA® has less than one third of the sugar in your average sports drink and close to three times the electrolytes, along with B vitamins and minerals. The best part is that VAYA® does not use juice or coconut water, rather organic flavors and sweeteners and a combination of sodium, potassium and glucose (fair trade organic cane sugar) for well-balanced hydration.

Will athletes use VAYA® for sports hydration? ABSOLUTELY! Why not? It smokes the competition, tastes better, and is made with organic ingredients.

So, is VAYA® an energy drink?

NO. Energy drinks have lots of unnatural ingredients. We originally set out to create something we couldn’t find anywhere: a true, organic functional hydration that counteracts the effects of dehydration while actually tasting great and being really, really good for you.

We think we hit it out of the park. With 770mg of electrolytes per serving, rapid rehydration is an understatement. At just 50 calories and 11 grams of fair trade organic cane sugar (heck, an orange has more than that!), you’re not refilling your body with junk. You are replenishing your body with things you do want, like rejuvenating vitamins and minerals. The taste? Bad-ass, thanks to, non-GMO organic ingredients — perfectly vegan, gluten-free, and coconut free, too.

So, yeah. Not an energy drink. It’s our own thing and we think you’re going to love what we put into it.

Can I give VAYA® to my child?

Sure. If you are looking for a cleaner way to hydrate for your child we would recommend only using 8g or half the 16g VAYA® stick pack with 16oz of water to offset the high amount of electrolytes and B vitamins. At 8g of VAYA® you cannot get a better sports alternative for kiddos.

Additionally, if your child is under 1 you should not provide them with VAYA® and you should consult with your pediatrician first. VAYA® contains a high amount of Sodium and B Vitamins.

VAYA® in no way makes any claims that our product will help your child or an adult in anyway.

Does VAYA® really work for hangovers?

There is no such thing as a hangover cure. However, our founder did set out to help offset hangovers through proper hydration from a well-balanced hydration solution which consists of sodium, potassium and fair trade organic cane sugar. There are a lot of “hangover” cures on the market. Don’t be fooled, most taste disgusting and you can’t clinically cure a hangover without proper hydration.

If you mix alcohol our studies have found that VAYA® will not be of much benefit to you the next day. The same goes if you drink all night and use VAYA® in the morning and not before bed. Sure, VAYA® will provide you with hydration, but the damage is already done once you go to sleep.

Therefore if you do mix your alcohol, mix 1 16g VAYA® stick pack into 16oz of water, shake, stir and hydrate before you go to bed. Additionally, do the same thing in the morning for optimal results. Think about it, you will be putting over 1,500 electrolytes into your system and over 200% of your daily value of B vitamins with only 22g of fair trade organic cane sugar across two packs. That is almost five 20oz sports drinks without all the sugar.

However, if you do not mix alcohol, mix 1 16g VAYA® stick pack into 16oz of water, shake, stir and hydrate before you go to bed. Our studies have found that it can significantly help you stay hydrated and feel better in the morning.

Keep in mind, though, people and body sizes are different. Therefore, you will need to try the product in different formats to determine what works best for you if any.

We are not making any medical claims that VAYA® is the cure for anything or that it will help you in your current situation. Please drink responsibly, and DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.

When should I drink VAYA®?

You want to drink VAYA® any time your body is seeking true functional hydration. This is mainly when you are dehydrated from working out (general exercise such as hiking, cycling, swimming, yoga, etc.), if you had too much to drink, if you travel a lot, and of course if you’re sick or you are suffering from general dehydration from the sun.

Instead of filling your body with sugar water and low amounts of electrolytes, give your body functional hydration. Give your body VAYA®!

How should I store VAYA®?

Great question. The best way to store VAYA® is in a cool, dry place. VAYA® does react to heat and may crystallize but is still good. Do not store use VAYA® 24 hours after opening the package as it is a live food organic product. VAYA® is intended for single use only.