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We’ve packed our bag with everything we need to hit the gym. Assuming we’ve got our gym clothes, including appropriate footwear and socks, here’s what completes our list!

Headphones/Music – Nothing gets us more pumped during our workouts than the perfect playlist! Try wireless headphones for a less tangled set.

Workout Journal/Pen – Keeping track of where you’re at is important. Use a workout journal to set goals and help you stay on track.

Towels – One for the workout (try a smaller microfiber towel) and one for the shower.

Water Bottle – Staying hydrated is a huge part of having a successful workout whether you’re at the gym or catching your fitness fix outdoors.

Antibacterial Hand Gel – Let’s face it. Gyms can be gross. Keep some antibacterial gel on hand to help keep your workout germ free.

Tennis Ball – If a foam roller isn’t available, or you don’t like the idea of sharing, a tennis ball can come in handy to roll out those sore muscles.

Resistance Bands – Incorporating resistance band workouts can beneficial, but are often not provided by gym management.

Shower Supplies/Deodorant – If you’re planning on showering at the gym, don’t forget your soaps, deodorant, and shower shoes!

After Workout Duds – Clean underwear and socks are a must after a sweaty and strenuous session.

Post-Gym Electrolytes – It’s important to replace lost electrolytes from an intense workout. Keep your body in tip top condition with an after workout electrolyte boost!