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In today’s busy world of schedules, meetings, kids’ activities and just the general hustle and bustle of Orange County life, eating right is essential but takes precious time to plan.   Weekly meal planning and in-home services can help maintain a healthy regimen during the week but what about the weekend when you just want to go out? You don’t have to sacrifice all of your hard work from the week. Orange County offers so many healthy dining options to feel like you are treating yourself without negating those workouts. Here is a list of just some of the healthy dining options you can find in your area.

True Foods Kitchen

Newport Beach, CA
If you are looking for a great atmosphere for either a casual lunch on the patio or an intimate dinner for two, True Foods Kitchen can provide the best of both worlds. With an eco-friendly menu that includes vegan options and a full bar, you can enjoy a healthy meal with some cocktails mixed in. True Foods prides itself on serving unique dishes that remain true to your healthy lifestyle. With seasonal options available, you can take full advantage of the freshest produce at its peak.

Seabirds Kitchen

Costa Mesa, CA
Located at the Lab in Costa Mesa, this vegan inspired restaurant originated as a food truck and has flourished into a complete dining experience, including a brunch menu and catering options. Seabirds’ mission is to push the boundaries of vegan cuisine with sauces and condiments made from scratch and seasonal menu items using top-notch locally grown fruits and vegetables. Look for their second location in Long Beach soon.

Mead’s Green Door Café

Orange, CA
If you are looking for a casual dining option with a fun, welcoming, art-inspired atmosphere, look no further than the family owned vegetarian Mead’s Green Door Café in Old Town Orange. The Mead Family opened the café in 2013 but have been serving the Old Town area for over 20 years. With flavorful, meatless menu options, a mouth-watering pastry menu, locally roasted coffees and rustic works of art on display, this warm environment lends itself to the perfect escape from the ordinary.

Green Tomato Grill

Orange and Brea, CA
Looking for an alternative to fast food while you’re on the go. Green Tomato Grill has the answer! While the menu is not 100% vegetarian, vegan or even organic, this establishment boasts the use of fresh ingredients with all sauces either vegetable or Greek yogurt based. While they do offer a faster alternative to some of the options above, all items are made to order, allowing for special requests for gluten free, dairy free, or vegetarian requests. All produce comes from local providers as well as all beef and poultry selections from the southwest region. Green Tomato Grill is on a mission to provide a healthy alternative to fast food. Check them out the next time you are on the go but looking for a quick, healthier option.

Outpost Kitchen

Costa Mesa, CA
If you are seeking a relaxed, friendly dining spot where you can feel at home while enjoying some of the finest and freshest dishes, Outpost Kitchen is the place to be. Combining the inspiration of the 1970s beach cafes of Australia with the craft-first coffee houses of Venice Beach, Outpost Kitchen offers a carefully curated menu honoring locally sourced, seasonal, organic, non-GMO fresh produce without compromising on taste. Outpost Kitchen serves breakfast, brunch and lunch all within a comfortable, inviting atmosphere.

Jan’s Health Bar

Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Corona Del Mar, and Laguna Beach, CA
Originating in Huntington Beach in 1972, Jan Gaffney’s sandwiches and smoothies were served to the local surf community in George’s Surf Shop. Over 40 years later, the current owner and former employee, has continued the tradition of offering healthy, balanced menu options with some small indulgences along the way. Jan’s Health Bar believes in moderation, not deprivation for a complete and balanced lifestyle. Inspired by generations of loyal customers, Jan’s Health Bar continues to expand their footprint with 4 convenient locations in the Orange County area.

Urban Plates

Offering the best of both worlds with an eclectic dine-in experience or takeout options that include curbside pick-up or delivery, Urban Plates offers seasonal, reasonably priced healthy menu options that are perfect for a relaxing lunch or dinner on the go. With its newest location in Aliso Viejo, they now have 4 locations in the Orange County area and 3 in Los Angeles and San Diego counties respectively. In addition to the fresh, seasonal menu, Urban Plates offers wine selections that are perfectly paired with each menu offering of the season.


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