After 90 minutes of sweating from a hard workout or your favorite sport, your body needs more than just water to recover. Replacing electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals is the only way to restore your system to normal. And no other beverage does it better than VAYA.

While sports drinks try to fill you up with excessive sugar, artificial ingredients, and empty calories, VAYA infuses you with natural flavors, organic ingredients, vitamins, minerals, and 770mg of electrolytes per serving. Score!

Compare that to your average sports drink per serving:
Roughly 34 to 36 grams of sugar
140 to 175 calories
300 to 400mg of Electrolytes.
Little to no Vitamins and Minerals

After a hard workout, strenuous training, or epic battle on the field or court, a bottle of VAYA will replenish what your body needs quickly and deliciously.

It’s all about recovery from being active. Cycling, Yoga, Hiking, Jogging, Swimming, Surfing, Skating, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Weight Lifting etc., if you move you need to replenish and post workout is the time for VAYA!


Hydrate Smarter. Recover Faster.