/Travel Hydration

Yes, travel when you are traveling you need to stay hydrated. Whether it’s cross-country or across the world, the stresses and challenges of airports, hotel life, meetings, and indulgences your body may not be used to, can quickly drop your immune system, dehydrate your system, and leave you depleted and off your game.

VAYA puts it all back together and keeps your body humming so you can enjoy your travels and still feel great when you finally get home.

In fact, we created VAYA because wellness through proper hydration needed a proper champion. Energy drinks, sports drinks and other functional products on the market promise instant taste gratification, but your body pays dearly for it later thanks to excessive sugars, calories, and artificial ingredients.

VAYA is infused with organic and non-GMO ingredients, so it tastes great (even with only 11g of fair trade organic cane sugar and 50 calories per serving!). And as a true functional beverage, it also adds in all the vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes you need to feel whole again. Success!

When traveling mix one 16g stick pack of VAYA with a 16oz Fiji® bottle of water found in the airports or preferably one of our VAYA® Blender Bottles®. Do this right before your trip, on the plane or when you arrive and you’ll feel fresh, vibrant, and hydrated before you know it. Get your energy from electrolytes and B Vitamins, not from things that will slow you down like energy drinks and sports drinks.