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Get the most of out of life by living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Here are seven tips to keeping your body and mind performing at their peak.

Hydrate – Keeping your body hydrated is one of the best things you can do to live a healthy lifestyle. Proper hydration helps regulate your body’s temperature, and ensures nutrients get moved throughout your system. When you’re dehydrated you can experience negative symptoms including muscle cramps and tiredness.

Eat Good Foods – It’s a pretty well known fact that the food you put into your system is what fuels your body and mind. Fresh veggies, lean protein, fresh fruits, and whole grains are the cornerstones of a healthful diet. It’s a good idea to keep track of what you eat so that you can maintain the proper caloric intake for your lifestyle and activity level.

Exercise – Keep your body moving and energized with daily exercise. No matter what your activity level, physical activity provides a ton of benefits including helping maintain a healthy weight, boosting your energy level, improving your mood, and can even help prevent or fight certain health conditions.

Sleep – Part of a healthy lifestyle is getting the rest your body needs to rejuvenate and repair itself. Catching enough Zs can improve brain function and memory, can help maintain a healthy weight, lower stress levels, and could even help you live longer!

Self Care – It’s okay to need a break. If you feel yourself getting stressed out, do something that relaxes you. Meditate, take a peaceful walk, or participate in a creative outlet. Strong mental health promotes healthy relationships and can even affect your physical well-being.

Keep An Active Mind – Challenge yourself mentally! An active mind is a sharp and focused mind. Choose from a variety of activities to help engage your thought processes. Read a book, take a class, play games, engage in lively conversation, or even play video games! Mix it up and work your mind in different ways.

Everything In Moderation – We’ve all got our weaknesses. It could be a delicious brownie, a lazy day lounging at the beach, or a night out with friends. You don’t have to deny yourself those fun outlets. Just make sure they’re in moderation, and your healthy lifestyle should fall into place.