Puerta Vallarta (Garza Blanca) – Inspiration for VAYA. Lifestyle Electrolyte Hydration.

I was at my best friend’s wedding in Puerto Vallarta at a hotel called Garza Blanca, which is a great spot in Mexico you should check out if you get the chance (picture on the right). An excuse to celebrate… maybe a bit too hard. Mixing alcohol with poolside time in the sun was a recipe for dehydration that would leave me drained. I knew this going in as I constantly get dehydrated when training especially when cycling (cramp), but occasionally when working out, and definitely when drinking alcohol. So wedding, wife, friends, boos, sun, Mexico……I knew I was in for a rough one. I think someone in the wedding party overheard me talking about my fear of dehydrating and handed me a stick pack of Pedialyte® and said “drink this, it will help ease the pain of dehydration from a potential hangover and sun stroke” and then proceeded to tell me “to use it when cycling for cramping”.

I’m knew instantly I was not going to like it, as I couldn’t stand Pedialyte® as a child and I am not a fan of putting unnatural, artificial stuff in my body, but I was desperate. So, I chugged one that night and woke up feeling better than I thought the next day. I thought it was a placebo, but considering how hard I went the day before I knew it was interesting enough to look into……When I got back to the states, I started research the effects of dehydration and what causes it, as it really seemed to affect me more and more as I got older and I wanted to know why Pedialyte® helped me considering I’m grown adult. What I discovered was that there was a ton of studies on how electrolytes with just the right amount of glucose can help your body rapidly recover from dehydration. The science was clear, and well supported at some major Universities, but the products on the market were minimal and I wasn’t going back to Pedialyte®.

Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of products on the market that were all crap and nothing I would drink consistently as they have been around for ages. Sports drinks like Gatorade® are full of sugar and artificial ingredients and hydration solutions like Pedialyte® were overloaded with artificial flavors, sweeteners and preservatives. Both though marketed well are terrible for you. Additionally, there were other “me too” products that claim clean or “natural” ingredients but tastes straight up nasty and of course coconut water though full of potassium is an acquired taste, which I don’t drink because I don’t like it.

I knew there had to be a better way to hydrate. So, after a couple of years of searching for cleaner organic products that offered a lot of function that didn’t exist and after trying different types of hydration solutions that were epic failures, as an entrepreneur and marketer, I knew I could create a better product that was a cross between a sugary sports drink, coconut water and a hydration solution.

VAYA® was born. It became my new mission: to create Lifestyle Electrolyte Hydration products made for consumers with active lifestyles to help them HYDRATE SMARTER™. I put my research hat back on, but this time loaded with information on electrolytes and glucose backed by science, but with no idea on how to create a powder let alone a beverage……..But over a two year period of time and through a lot of goodwill from other beverage savvy entrepreneurs, I connected with some brilliant organic food scientists and developed products in both beverage and powder formats that could change the hydration landscape forever.

The end result, VAYA® – Delicious Certified Organic and non-GMO products that offer a ton of function and are GREAT alternatives to sugary sports drinks and other hydration solutions. VAYA® offers 770mg of Electrolytes, Vitamins B1, B6, B12 and Zinc, and a small amount (11g) Fair Trade Organic Cane Sugar to help your body absorb the electrolytes and vitamins at a rapid rate. VAYA® has 2x – 3x the electrolytes of your average sports drink with one third less sugar, and hydrates faster than water alone.

So that’s our story…..Started off with hangover, heat stroke prevention…..ended up with a Lifestyle way to Hydrate….I hope you love VAYA® as much as we do. It’s been a passion project backed by science and an entrepreneur journey into a world of beverage and powders that has been an interesting ride since we started!

“Just Keep Moving Forward”

You Train, You Hydrate…

Give your body a Vitamin and Electrolyte Infusion it deserves without all of the sugar added calories or unnatural flavors or colors.