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Spring has Sprung! Spring time not only calls for nice weather, flowers blooming, and longer days, but it also calls for a fresh start. So, if you’ve been lagging on those New Year’s resolutions about getting to the gym and working out, you might find this post enticing. If you find that working out solo just doesn’t do it for you, or you get bored when working out, or you just simply don’t know what to work out or just don’t want to in general, we’ve got a possible solution for you. Group training is becoming more and more prevalent in the workout community. From independently owned gyms to chain franchises, you can find the right fit for you based on what you want to get out of your workouts – from high intensity interval training to weightlifting or even cardio like indoor cycling classes.

Here are some benefits of why group training might be the perfect fit for you.


Training in a group can challenge you to work even harder than you would normally if you were training by yourself. If you find that it is hard to motivate yourself at the gym, group training may be something you need.  You can feed off of the energy of the trainer and the other trainees since there is a common goal you are all trying to achieve. Group training can spark a healthy kind of competition between you and other trainees as you can get inspired by others who work hard to achieve their goals. The environment is inspiring and encouraging.


Group training can lead you to a great support system comprised of your class members and trainers. You are all experiencing the work out together and are getting stronger and fitter as a team. While experiencing the trials and triumphs, you are forming a special kind of bond with these people that you see every day or every week. Your support system can also hold you accountable and help keep you on track of your fitness goals. Along with emotional support, group training provides you with physical support. Your trainer will often correct you when it comes to form and posture, so that you can get the most out of the exercises.

Variety of Exercises

Group training classes gets you familiar with a variety of exercises and equipment so you have knowledge in each and so you’re not so bored doing your normal routine each time you work out. For the most part, each class you take includes different exercises than the ones you did the day before. Whether the class focuses on full body workouts, or specific muscles, group trainers like to change it up with the routines and exercises.


If you find that you’re all over the place when you work out at the gym, jumping from one machine to the next, you might find that what you are lacking is a little structure. Group trainers will often plan their workouts and formats for the week ahead of time and aim to target specific body parts/muscles with specific exercises.


Rather than your boring, mundane workouts at the gym, group training makes working out a lot more fun and upbeat. Most facilities play music which can get you hyped up and get you going for your workouts. Some trainers even like to do incentive challenges where you can win cool prizes if you complete a goal, hit your personal record, etc. Although group training environments consist of serious hard work, it can also be a fun, playful environment. There definitely is no room for boredom!