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Love the Super Bowl, but don’t love the high-calorie and unhealthful food that comes with it? No diet penalties here! Enjoy guilt-free time with your friends with these healthful tips.

Substitute Greek Yogurt – Potato salad, dips, and deviled eggs are all part of Super Bowl fun! Mayo packs a huge calorie and fat count without any nutritional value. Substitute low-fat Greek yogurt in your favorite recipes for that tangy bite with added protein and low fat. We found this deviled eggs recipe on MyRecipes.com to get you started!

Veggies – Want to get the crunch and texture of chips without the salt and fat? Don’t forget some delicious fresh veggies at your spread. Crisp carrots, celery, and broccoli will hit the spot. Serve with some hummus (instead of ranch) or salsa to add a bit of heat. Salsa is a tasty low calorie dip and there are so many hummus flavor options you can get several types and have something for everyone!

Rethink Classics – Make some smart swaps in traditional dishes and no one will be the wiser! Popsugar.com had a great 7-layer dip recipe that lowers fat and boosts fiber for some seriously good snacking.

Lean Protein Is Your Friend – Turn your famous chili into turkey chili, make some turkey burgers (serve on a whole grain bun or lettuce wrap style), and never underestimate the power of a delicious chicken kabob. All of these lean protein options will be sure to satisfy your guests without the added fat!

Just because you’re trying to maintain a healthful diet doesn’t mean you have to stay clear of the Super Bowl excitement. We hope these tips help you get on track with your game day menu. What are your favorite and healthful Super Bowl treats?