/Nightlife Hydration

We all love a little nightlife with friends and family. But we all hate it if we had one too many. Hangovers get a bad rap. Okay, they deserve it. But you don’t deserve the stigma that comes along with them especially when you are simply experiencing your body’s reaction to being less than optimally hydrated. When you drink your body releases more water and electrolytes as alcohol is a normal diuretic which reduces your kidney functions from absorbing water and pushes it out through the bladder. VAYA rapidly hydrates your body with our scientific approach to replenishing lost electrolytes and nutrients through potassium, sodium and glucose so you can feel good again. Sweet!

The night should end and begin with VAYA®!

While there’s no cure for a hangover, replenishing lost electrolytes from alcohol dehydration is key to getting back to normal.

Drink one 16g stick pack of VAYA with 16oz of water, right before bed after a long day or night of drinking and another upon awakening. If you’re a longstanding member of the hangover club, you won’t believe how much better you can feel.

Note: Our studies have shown if you mix different types of alcohol the effects of VAYA will diminish considerably.

We are not making any claims that we are a hangover cure, rather than an electrolyte hydration product with B Vitamins to help with dehydration caused by hangovers.

VAYA® is NOT an energy drink and should not be mixed in your drink or cocktail! That may be fine for other products, but VAYA® is a functional hydration that is meant to be enjoyed on its own — when you’re ready to get your body back in balance.

Besides, who likes to drink vitamins in their cocktail anyway?


VAYA® will NOT help you hydrate from drinking and make you sober. After drinking alcohol, please BE RESPONSIBLE, DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. If you need a ride, grab an Uber/Lift or ask someone sober or call a friend, or family member.