Elijah Winton deadlifting
By: velocitybrands On: April 4, 2017 In: Fitness, Spotlight Comments: 0

We love working out! We also love the inspiring trainers that help us reach and strive toward our fitness goals. We checked in with Elijah Winton, an Orange County personal trainer, to ask some questions about training, fitness, and diet.

  • How did you get into personal training and how long have you been training? Growing up I was always involved in a variety of sports ranging from gymnastics to rugby. During high school, I started to get serious about my training and helping others train. The summer of my sophomore year I started to assist my strength and conditioning coach with youth fitness camps. I instantly fell in love with the idea of becoming a strength and conditioning coach myself. In 2013 I graduated from California Lutheran University with a degree in Exercise Science.
  • When you meet with a client for the first time, what goals do you set for your first training session? The first encounter with a client is huge for the success of a training program. This session is all about assessment including assessing goals, lifestyle, readiness for change, strength and cardiovascular fitness. Based off the information gathered a proper training program is developed with realistic goals and expectations.
  • What is your approach to motivation when you see a client struggling? Fitness is not easy. Struggling and overcoming difficulties are all a part of the process. Throughout my career as an athlete I had a lot of tough training sessions, and it was always a lot easier to get through them knowing that my teammates where right there pushing through with me. I am a strong believer in motivating by doing. When my clients struggle through sessions, I will begin to do the work with them to motivate them to finish.
  • What do you find most challenging? Most rewarding? Change is always the most challenging part of training. There is a huge psychological aspect of fitness and it’s difficult to overcome mental barriers. To really transform a client into the person they desire to be, we must work to change the mindset. When we begin to change our thought process, physical change will always follow. Being able to witness this transformation within a client is the most rewarding thing as a Coach. There is so much beauty in overcoming a great struggle to better yourself.
  • What is your favorite movement and what benefits does it provide? Front squat is my favorite movement to do with clients. I love this style of squat because it presents a full body challenge to perform properly. A great way to develop your legs and core.
  • How do you incorporate a client’s diet into their training regimen? Ever hear the phrase, “you can’t out train a bad diet”? Diet is one of the most important components of a training program and one of the hardest psychological barriers to overcome. When beginning with a new client I keep it simple and start with a seven day food journal.
  • Any advice for those working with a trainer or seeking to start a workout regimen? For anyone looking to begin their fitness journey I will give you two tips. First, evaluate yourself and your “readiness for change.” Second, after you’ve made your evaluation, set a goal to make a change and post it on your bathroom mirror.